Shining right before our eyes

The glittering sunset

jojo, 23, new york city, graduate of new york city college of technology, obsess over TVXQ, spends all her money on TVXQ(>.>), currently into kpop and jpop, watches jdramas and kdramas(tv? what's that?), enjoys roleplaying, writing fics on her free time, playing with photoshop, listening to music while staring off into space, and plurking like no one's business.

journal consists of fangirling, the oh so joys of life :|, school, and whatever i feel like posting. also, all posts are locked excluding the blogcrew one. i will friend back only if i know you from somewhere and we talked often.

jaejoong: car sexing you into the next millennium bb~ |D
yoochun: never change your pervertive-ness. xD <3
junsu: i love you even though we fight a lot ^^;; <3
changmin: sausaging the world one ":O" face at a time.
Last updated: 07/29/09

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